2016 October Laning in North Wales

2016_oct_wales_aA small bunch of Land Rovers ventured off Friday afternoon for a long week-end’s laning in the outbacks of North Wales. Starting from different locations, a small group met up and travelled over to Wales, tackling a couple of lanes before making rendezvous with a couple of others at Welshpool Light Railway in Llanfair.

2016_oct_wales_bFrom there, progressed as a group on some more laning ending up at Tyddyn Bychan Bunkhouse; pre-arranged accommodation in Cerrigydrudion.2016_oct_wales_c


We came across four rally drivers and support van taking some practise perhaps before the Welsh rally in November. Stopped for a chat, nice friendly people.

The weather was dry throughout the week-end although the mornings were foggy and made it a little damp. The evenings drew in early needing headlights around tea time.2016_oct_wales_d2016_oct_wales_e




On Sunday the mist came in late afternoon.

 2016_oct_wales_fScenery is great – the fresh grass, dry stone walling, occasional abandoned derelict buildings. 2016_oct_wales_g




Healthy looking live stock that we obviously treated with respect as we are only visitors to their land.

2016_oct_wales_hWe came across a manmade tree for an Osprey nest next to a lake remote from anywhere and unspoilt by tourism.2016_oct_wales_i






We came across some guys on motor bikes, again stopped to make conversation as you do when you are in the middle of nowhere and happen across complete strangers.2016_oct_wales_k



2016_oct_wales_l2016_oct_wales_mSome of the lanes were heavily overgrown needing a good pruning to make passage which will have helps others taking the route another time.


Out into the open and we came across the group of motor bike riders again – small world.

The terrain of the route was quite varied with tarmac, gravel, mud, grass tracks and rocky areas. A hidden rock on the side caught Pat out needing a little repair work with his trusting 3lb hammer.2016_oct_wales_p


2016_oct_wales_rYou can’t go to Wales without meeting some water and one route had a ford that helped wash the cars down.
2016_oct_wales_sWe came across the Wayfarer where there is a water proof case with a couple of provisions in and a visitors book worthy of a comment and signing.2016_oct_wales_t




The mist came in early on Sunday but that didn’t dampen our hearts for the week-end was a great success, enjoyable company with some wonderful laning and tremendously rewarding scenery.



Thanks goes to Jonathan for organising, route planning and arranging accommodation and thanks for Keith Lister for taking photographs and sharing them.

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