The club committee meet three or four times a year.  The committee is re-elected every year at the AGM – which is held in March in lieu of the usual Club Night.

For the year to March 2018 the committee is as follows:

  • Chairman – Roger Taylor
  • Treasurer – Sue Sansom
  • Secretary – Keith Richards
  • EPLO – Jon Carter-Clarke
  • MSA rep – Pat Booth
  • Newsletter editor – Julie Guest
  • Events – Paul Stockford
  • Membership – Sally Sansom
  • Safety Officer – Keith Richards
  • General Members –
  •                 Mark Harrison
  •                 Neil Stockford
  •                 Duncan Hayers
  •                 Simon Avery-Sutton
  •                 Matt Urlwin

If you have any issues to raise concerning any aspect of running the club please make it known to a committee meeting. If you wish to stand for election to the committee please attend the next AGM!

CLUB CONSTITUTION. The club constitution sets out the rules and procedures under which the club operates. This is revised occasionally at the AGM, changes being accepted only after voting by any member who wishes to participate. The most recent revision is available here.

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