Forthcoming events at BORG and of interest to our members. Information on location of mentioned venues is here

Additional Events or cancellations may be added throughout the year, so check regularly for any updates

2020 Events

(For all of these future events, please see the articles where the club has previous held events at these locations and get an idea of the terrain and activities)

Please note that:

Due to the Covid-19 some events will unfortunately not got ahead at the dates/times stated in the events page.
The status’s may not be updated, due to us putting most of our efforts in to supporting the Authorities in the community in these tough times

UPDATED EVENTS (last updated 19 July 2020)

At all events we shall be strictly following Covid guidelines for social distancing etc, which will be sent out as reminders before the event.

  • Sun 19th Jul 2020 – Green Laning Berkshire/Wiltshire/Salisbury plain

Strictly four vehicles per group – Contact one of the Events officers for more info

  • Tue 21st Jul 2020 – Club Night

July Video conference Club Night – Starts 8pm

  • Fri 31st Jul 2020 – Green Laning – likely to be Berkshire/Wiltshire

This is to gauge if there is any interest in a weekday laning event – Contact one of the Events Officers for more info.

  • Sat 8th Aug & Sun 9th Aug 2020 – Shipston (Halford) – Off Road Event  

We have provisionally booked the site for the whole weekend.                                                      Cost will be £20 per vehicle for one day or £30 for the weekend – Camping available on Saturday night, for more info contact one of the Events Officers

  • Sun 23rd Aug 2020 – Green Laning – Location TBC 




The following events have yet to be confirmed:

Silverstone Classic Fri 31st Jul 2020 – Sun 2nd Aug 2020


Peterborough LR Show Sat 12th Sept 2020


Club Night Tue 15th Sept 2020

September club night – starts 8pm

Overlands Show Sat 19th Sept 2020

Stratford upon Avon – Sat & Sun

Scouts Support Sat 3rd Oct 2020


Newbury 4×4 Spares Day Sun 4th Oct 2020


Club Night Tue 20th Oct 2020

October club night – starts 8pm

Malvern 4×4 Spares Day Sun 25th Oct 2020


Club Night Tue 17th Nov 2020

November club night – starts 8pm

Great British LR Stoneleigh Sun 22nd Nov 2020

Stoneleigh, Kenilworth

Christmas Club Night Tue 15th Dec 2020

December Club Night – Starts 8pm

Christmas Meal out Sat 19th Dec 2020 TBC


Christmas Laning Mon 28th Dec 2020 TBC




  • Simon Avery-Sutton – EPLO –
  • James Dixey – Laning –
  • Chris Comley – Website –

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