Bell Trophy

The Trophy is the legacy from the founder of the BUX4x4 club and landlord at the Bell in Waddesden, created when he emigrated to New Zealand.

It is to be awarded, yearly, at the AGM to the ‘popular vote’ of the entire Membership, to the person they felt had ‘gone the extra mile’ towards the interests of the club. It is a straight forward ballot with the person with the most votes being the winner.

The successful candidates have come from various activities in the past – resurrecting and running the Newsletter has been popular; organising events (particularly Green laning); the person who has attended the most events or most improved driver; arranging a good Social Calendar; or any thing the Members may feel appropriate.

The award has continued through the merger of BUX4x4 and BORG.

If you are a member of BORG4x4 and wish to nominate someone from within the club then please get your nomination to the Club Secretary by 13th March.