VanFest September 2011

We were asked to set up an RTV course in the main arena at this year’s Vanfest, then invite members of the public to try it out with their Syncros.

(Sorry the pictures are a bit small, I’ll manually re-size and re-upload them when I get a moment.)

Note all photographs are (c)Copyright and not to be re-used without express permission. 

The course comprised

– an earth mound to be negotiated on a sharp bend.
– two upturned skips with approach and departure ramps constructed of logs
– a see-saw
– a ramp climb (actually to the top of a big roller and some 55gal drums) with a stop-line at the top, then reverse off
– a reverse into a confined space
– a further mound
– a row of sleepers cunningly arranged by Pat to be at just the wrong distance for the van wheelbase
– a pair of parallel logs to balance across

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