Three or four times each year BORG run an RTV challenge. 

Pat Booth competing in a 2017 RTV at Brickhill

The date and location of each challenge will be published well before the date. See the Events page. 

Any BORG member may take part.  

Most 4×4 vehicles are suitable. On the day you can view each section of the challenge before it starts, you can choose to skip any section you think is too severe for your vehicle, but the courses are designed to be as inclusive as possible. 

We run a slightly “relaxed” version of the MSA rules for RTVs, as far as the scoring is concerned. (All safety rules and regs from the MSA blue book still apply!) The rules can be found here

If you have any questions about these challenges, please ask any committee member. OR feel free to turn up at a challenge to spectate  (you may be asked to help marshal!) You only have to pay to compete, you can spectate free of charge. 

NOTE you don’t have to book in advance to take part in an RTV, just turn up at the site by the indicated time!