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List of insurers who cover voluntary driving
This is a link to the Association of British Insurers site that lists which insurance companies cover voluntary driving as standard on their policies.

Green Lane ASSociation. a non profit, national user group dedicated to researching and protecting the UK’s unique heritage of ancient vehicular rights of way and promoting sensible driving in the countryside. BORG is a member

A useful and knowledgeable supplier of CB equipment. Very helpful guys – and offer a discount to our members. 

Borg4x4 on Facebook – Members Only
Follow Borg4x4 on a day to day basis, see what the Borg members are up to with their 4x4s, minute by minute information on the latest news on events, response, marshalling etc and even join in!

VW Syncro 16 2.5TDi Camper, the ultimate 4×4 Camper?
A detailed and ongoing restoration blog of a 1989 VW Transporter Syncro 16 which was rescued from Germany in 2005 after having had a hard life. Want a 4×4 camper? this may be just what you need! Grab yourself a cup of tea and some biscuits…

Motor Sports Association
Recognised as the sole governing body of motor sport in Great Britain. BORG is a member

Volunteers in Motorsport
A government backed organisation providing free training for those involved in running motorsport events (e.g. marshal, scrutineer, timekeeper etc)> BORG assist with various aspects of marshalling several rally events each year, including the Tempest, and the Sunseeker. 

Turkish Landrover Owners Club
A friendly group who helped some of our members when they got stuck in snow over there. Click the Union Flag in the top right corner to get it in English



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